Roon Server

Roon Server is a music manager made by Roon Labs. You can run Roon Server on your sonicTransporter.

Roon Server should be installed by default. If it is not installed use the Software Manager to install it.

Setting up Roon Server

Download Roon on your computer from here and install it. When you run Roon it will ask you to connect. Select your sonicTranspoeter. Then enter your email address and Roon password. You can now manage Roon from your computer.

If you already have Roon Server running on your computer go to Settings -> General and click on Disconnect. Nere the top of the panel. You can now connect to your sonicTransporter.

Use your USB drive with Roon Server

You need to attach the USBB drive to your sonicTransporter then use these directions to mount it

Mounting a USB drive

Setting up Roon to use your NAS

You can have Roon use the music on your NAS

In the Roon interface go to Settings -> Storage -> Watched folders -> Add folder

In the Network Path section, you need to type the full network path. If you make a mistake it won't work!

You can use the Windows-style network names like this


or mac style network names


If you have a username and password for your NAS enter that as well.

make sure to include a .local at the end of the NAS name or it won't work. If the name doesn't work try the IP address.

More information

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