Roon support

Roon has a very good support department. You can always contact them for Roon related issues.

You can submit a support ticket here.


These are the most common Roon related questions


Roon dosn't see my Roon Ready player (Sonore Rendu)

1. Check to make sure your DAC is working

A Rendu won’t show up in Roon unless the DAC is working. You can check on the DAC in the DAC diagnostic ( → Manage → Apps → DAC diagnostic) if your DAC is not there or has an error try rebooting you DAC and rebooting the Rendu.

2. Check to make sure the Roon Ready app is working correctly

You can do this by pressing save changes in the Roon Ready settings ( → Manage → Settings → Roon Ready)

3. Make sure your player is enable

In the Roon app go to Settings → Audio and look in the Roon Ready section. You may need to enable and name your Rendu player.

4. Select an audio Zone

You need to select your player in the Roon app before you can control it.


How do I move my Roon account from my computer to my sonicTransporter?

1. Open the Roon app on your computer and click on settings (it's on the left under "My Stuff")

2. Next under General click Logout.

3. you will now be prompted to connect to your sonicTransporter

4. If asked click unauthorize.

5. you will now be prompted to configure Roon on your sonicTransporter.


How do I make sure Roon can see my files?

1. Open the Roon app on your computer and click on settings (it's on the left under "My Stuff")

2. Click on storage

3. Click on the three dots next to "Music Folder" and disable it

4. Add a folder with the + Add folder button

5. Your files are probably under / then storage then music so click on these in order. Then click on Select this folder then Add. If you have a USB drive with music attached add the folder /storage/usbdrive as well.

6. Roon will start adding your tacks this can take a little while depending on how many you have.


I am having some issues upgrading Roon or after a Roon upgrade

If you ahe problems like your apps can't find Roon after and upgrade make sure you do all these stpes. If you miss a step Roon will still be broken.

1. Upgrade your sonicTransporter to the latest code by pressing the update button. Do this even if you already have Sonicorbiter OS Version 2.8 to make sure you have all the minor fixes.

Detailed instructions on upgrading your sonicTransporter are available Here

2.Make sure your Roon Config is ready by doing the following:
Using a web browser, go to: -> Manage (under Music Servers, next to the sonicTransporter) -> Settings -> Roon Server

Make sure no checkboxes are selected and press Save Changes (yes press it now)

3. Upgrade Roon – Roon will probably ask you to update in the Roon app. If not, go into the Roon app and click Settings → About and you can force an update from there.

4. Update all the Roon apps on phones and tablets. You can use the built-in update system in your phone or tablet to do that.


I can't access Roon from the Roon app or my Roon database is corrupt. How can I reinstall Roon?

If you can't access Roon from the Roon app or your database is corrupt you need to reinstall Roon.

This is very easy to do and can be done from the software manager.

1. From any web browser on your home network enter the URL to locate the sonicTransporter's web control pannel.

2. Click manage next to the unit you want to configure.

3. Then click Apps -> Software Manger

4. To delete Roon click on Installed Apps tab and you will see the apps you have installed. To delete Roon click on the icon for the Roon app and click delete.

5. Once this is complete click the Available Apps tab and you will see the apps you can install. Click on the icon for the Roon app and then Install to install it.

6. You now have a clean factory new version of Roon Core server. You will need to go into settings in the Roon app and re-configure your storage settings and also re-enable your players.