Thank you for purchasing a microJukebox. You can manage your microJukebox from the web interface. Attach your microJukebox to your network router. You can use to connect to your microJukebox web interface.

Quick Setup guide

  1. Attach your microJukebox to your router with supplied Ethernet cable
  2. Attach the microJukebox to the power brick and plug it in.
  3. After a few minutes go to and click on the IP address of your microJukebox. This is the microJukebox configuration and monitoring GUI.

Playback music with your microJukebox through your USB DAC

  1. Attach a USB DAC to any USB port on the back of your microJukebox
  2. From the Apps tab go to Software Manager
  3. Install the player of you choice. Some players may already be installed.
  4. Go to the Settings tab and configure your player.
  5. From the apps tab select the Audio App Switcher and select the player app you want
  6. You should now be able to use this app to play through your DAC.

More information

Updating your device to the latest code