Music library management

Before importing your music files into Roon or other music software it’s important to have a clean organized music collection.

  1. Remove duplicate tracks
  2. Good metadata tags
  3. Backup your music collection


Removing duplicate tracks

Start by looking through your collection and see if you can locate duplicates tracks and delete them manually.

If you have duplicates in a lower resolution (mp3 vs FLAC for example) move the lower rez version to another location.

Nirsoft makes a free utility called SearchMyFiles that is great at finding and remove duplicate files.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a good program as well. It has more features but you need to pay for it.


Good metadata tags

Music files have built in Metadata tags with all the information about the track. If these are wrong or missing it can cause problems when you try to import them.

Mp3tag is a good free program to edit metadata and dispite it’s name can edit any music file type not just mp3s.



Always have a good backup of your music collection. To make a backup of your collection copy files into a USB drive and put the drive in a safe location. You can drag and drop files onto your backup drive using your computer or use backup software.